TOM MÜCKEL + PARTNER Engineers & Consultants 
Profile Our   scope   of   work   comprises   the   extensive   care   during   all   stages   of   projects   for investment,      research   and   development   or   business   engineering.   The   client   has   one single   point   of   contact      starting   with   the   initial   project   idea   until   the   contract   acceptance and    hand-over.    Variing    from        case    to    case    we    take    the    obligations    for    Clients, Engineers or Contractors.    We   are   acting   local   and   abroad   for   our   clients.   Mobility   and   on-shore   presence   are equally        understood    with    specific    experiences    in    the    region    of    the    project.    Social intelligence,   methods      and   skills   are   balanced   and   tailored   to   the   client´s   project   and requirements.     Our   network   consists   of   highly   motivated   senior   experts   with   a   long-term   experience and   the      willingness   to   take   full   responsibility   for   a   limited   period   of   time.   Each   member has   a   well-      grounded   University   education   and   professional   work   and   field   experience. We    combine        commercial    proficiency    and    a    progressive    approach    for    the    client´s project.   Permanent   training      and   the   exchange   of   experiences   provide   a   service   that will assure the project success for the  client´s benefit. ©2011 TOM MÜCKEL + PARTNER