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Welcome to TOM MÜCKEL + PARTNER We   are   member   in   a   Europe   wide   network   of   experienced   engineers   and   consultants   in   the   field      of   Civil Construction,   Power,   Plant   and   Transportation.   The   combination   of   various   skills   during      the   project   and   a   single contacting   party   for   the   employer   constitudes   the   idea   of   networking      with   reliable   and   experienced   experts. Clear   roles   and   responsibilities   in   one   hand   guarantee   the         compliance   with   schedule,   budget   and   quality.     Integrity,   confidence   and   honesty   are   understood   values   during   the   teamwork   with   our   clients      and   partners.   At work   we   trust   in   our   knowledge,   people   skills   and   social   competence   in   a   fast      growing   field   of   international project business. If you intend to be on target for your project  goals take advantage of our expert services.  Management on demand - lasting trust!    ©2011 TOM MÜCKEL + PARTNER